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Armstrong VCT Adhesive

Sold in 1 and 4 gallon pails with an average coverage of 350 square feet per gallon. Armstrong recommends using S-515 when installing standard VCT tile. See VCT install guide below for complete specifications.
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Armstrong VCT Adhesive S-515 1 gallon pail Armstrong Vinyl Tile Adhesive S-515 Adhesive 4 gallon pail
Armstrong VCT Adhesive - Clear Thin Spread Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive (1 gallon pail) 4 gallon

S-515 Adhesives Specs

Type Water-based/latex resin
Color Cream; contains visible taggants
Taggants 50% Yellow and 50% Orange
Trowel S-891 Notched Steel Trowel or S-892 Replaceable Blade Trowel; fine notch (1/32" deep, 1/16" wide, 5/64" apart), U-notch

Coverage 350 sq. ft. /gal (33-37 sq m.)
Units 1 gallon (3.78 L) and 4 gallon (15.14 L)
Open Time Dry-to-touch: 30 minutes or more
Working Time Up to 24 hours (working times may vary based on job conditions, substrates, temperature and humidity)
Shelf Life 1 year, unopened
Freeze/Thaw Stable Yes, to 10°F (-12° C)
VOC Content Zero g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168
Clean Up Wet– clean, white cloth with neutral detergent and water
Dry– clean, white cloth and mineral spirits
Subfloors Concrete on all grade levels. Existing asphalt "cutback" residue which is smooth with no ridges or puddles evident. Suspended wood and wood underlayments. Existing well-bonded resilient flooring. Not perimeter-bonded or cushion-backed. Ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and polymeric-poured floors. Properly mixed and applied powder underlayment and embossing levelers. Primed, poured-in-place gypsum subfloors. Radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85° F (29° C).
Advantages 24-hour working time
Dries clear (allows chalk lines to show through)
Excellent initial grab
Moisture and alkali resistant
Suitable for use with VCT and Safety Zone over high moisture concrete slabs
Can be used over Cutback adhesive residue

MSDS: Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.

STORAGE: Freeze-thaw stable to 10 degrees F(-12 degrees C) - Avoid low temperatures or multiple freeze-thaw cycles.


Environmental Information:
LEED Credits: EQ 4.1
Sustainable Design Information Sheet
LEED Credit Information - Installation Products

WARRANTY: When S-515 is used with a recommended Armstrong floor application, the Armstrong Guaranteed
Installation System warranty applies.See Armstrong VCT Commercial Floors Warranty or Armstrong High-Moisture Warranty for Vinyl Composition Tile VCT using S-515 as appropriate.

SUBSTRATES: Will bond to all substrates listed below but refer to flooring installation system for specific installation recommendations:
    • Concrete on all grade levels
    • Existing asphalt "cutback" residue which is smooth with no ridges or puddles evident
    • Suspended wood and wood underlayments
    • Existing well-bonded resilient flooring; not perimeter-bonded or cushion-backed
    • Ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and polymeric-poured floors
    • Properly mixed and applied powder underlayment and embossing levelers
    • Primed, poured-in-place gypsum subfloors
    • Radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85° F (29° C)

DO NOT USE OVER: Concrete with excessive moisture and/or alkali; existing cushion-backed resilient flooring; substrates treated with fire-retardant chemicals, fungicides, preservatives, release agents, adhesive removers, sealers, curing compounds or other incompatible treatments

Order and Warehouse Information
1-gallon (3.78L)
4-gallon (15.14L)
Carton Item No.
1-gallon (3.78L) - 00515408
4-gallon (15.14L) - 00515418
Item/Carton UPC
1-gallon (3.78L) - 0-42369-11422-6
4-gallon (15.14L) - 0-42369-07063-8
1-gallon (3.78L) – N.A.
4-gallon (15.14L) – N.A.
Carton Weight
1-gallon (3.78L) – 36 lbs./ctn (16.3 kg/ctn)
4-gallon (15.14L) – 36.2 lbs.(14.5 kg)
Items per Carton
1-gallon (3.78L) – 4/carton
4-gallon (15.14L) – Containers sold individually
Cartons per Pallet
1-gallon (3.78L) – 30 ctns
4-gallon (15.14L) - 48 pails
Weight per Gallon
8.37 lbs

VCT INSTALLATION TIPS: Refer to flooring installation system.
  • Condition area to be installed, adhesive, and tile at 65° F (18° C) or above for 48 hours before, during, and for 48 hours after installation.
  • Subfloor must be smooth, sound, dry, clean, and free of dirt, wax, polish, paint, and all other foreign matter which may interfere in a good bond, including curing agents and sealers.
  • Moisture testing must be performed on all concrete slabs regardless of their age or grade level including areas where resilient flooring has already been installed. Moisture testing should be conducted with the area or building at service conditions, i.e. fully enclosed, weather-tight and with the permanent HVAC in operation. In general, moisture testing should be conducted on concrete surfaces that exhibit the final prepared stage before the installation of the flooring material and before installation of smoothing or leveling compounds.
  • Moisture testing must be performed using at least one of the following methods:
      • Percent relative humidity (RH) in concrete slabs using the in-situ probe (ASTM F2170)
      • Moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) using anhydrous calcium chloride (ASTM F1869)
  • Calcium Chloride test results should not exceed 7 pounds/1000 sq ft/24 hours, relative humidity in-situ probe results should not exceed 90%. Alkali readings should be 5 to 11.
  • Stir any liquid on the surface into the adhesive and full spread using the recommended trowel notching.
  • Allow adhesive to set open until dry to the touch, approximately 30 to 90 minutes. When dry to the touch, the adhesive will be tacky with no transfer to fingers.
  • Install and fit all tile within 24 hours. Working time will vary based on job conditions, substrate, temperature and humidity.
  • Most resilient commercial tile does not need to be rolled upon completion of the installation. However, residential tile and certain specialty tile must be rolled - refer to Tile Installation System for recommendations.
  • Remove wet adhesive residue using a clean, white cloth dampened with soapy water. Use mineral spirits for dried adhesive residue carefully following warnings on container.
  • Do not wet wash or strip VCT tile for at least five days after installation.